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Cold War Analogies Do Not Apply to the Gaza Strip Conflict

In his New York Times Op-Ed, William Kristol writes that Israel’s military incursion into the Gaza Strip is actually doing the United States a favor in its efforts to deal with Iran. His justification is that the Israeli incursion will … Continue reading

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Obama's First Test: The Kalingrad Missile Crisis

Fourteen days in October 1963, a young president, freshly elected to the White House, bore the test of a lifetime. The Soviet Union positioned nuclear tipped missiles (SS-4s and SS-5s) on Cuban territory, enough to give it first strike capability … Continue reading

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Are Americans Still Ugly?

On November 12, unidentified guerrillas shot and killed a US aid official alongside his Pakistani driver in the Northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar. The US embassy in Islamabad was not ready to disclose his name, so for now he remains … Continue reading

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