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Yemen's Southern Front

Gallup recently conducted a poll in Yemen examining issues related to governance which revealed a concerning difference between the opinions of respondents in the former North and former South which were unified in 1990. On a number of items, ordinary citizens in the North were shown to have much higher trust in national institutions. For example, major differences were seen in levels of trust in the national government and local police with 59% of northerners indicating that they trusted the national government while 50% said they trusted the police. On the other hand, only 29% of southerners trusted these two institutions. Continue reading

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Hamas' Dilemma

Two recent pieces in the NY Times and in Foreign Affairs have highlighted the challenges that Hamas has been facing from religious extremists in Gaza over recent months. They both note the armed confrontation with Jund Ansar Allah as well as criticisms by some that Hamas has not fully implemented the shari’a. Although some of its more radical supporters have attempted to institute certain dress restrictions for women and girls or other elements of Islamic law, senior officials have routinely overturned the edict. Continue reading

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The Decline of Hamas?

A recent poll by Stan Greenberg has revealed that support for Hamas is relatively low in both Gaza and the West Bank. Within Gaza, 42% of respondents indicated that they disapproved strongly while a further 16% said that they disapprove of Hamas. In the West Bank, attitudes towards Hamas were somewhat less extreme, with only 16% of respondents stating that they strongly disapprove of Hamas and 41% saying that they disapproved. Continue reading

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