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EarthSpark's Lighting Efforts in Haiti

In 2008, my colleague and I founded EarthSpark International, a nonprofit, to assist in providing clean energy products to Haiti’s rural population.  In this instance, EarthSpark’s objective is to provide solar lamps and solar home systems that help wean the population … Continue reading

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Reform in Yemen?

In the run up to the London terror meeting, there have been some tentative signs of hope.  Yemeni officials have now confirmed that they are willing to pursue economic and political reform in the hopes of building a more stable … Continue reading

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The Battle of Dhi Qar Redux

The former Iranian deputy oil minister, Mohammad Nejad-Hosseinian, argued in a recent interview that Iran should develop the oil fields it shares with Iraq as a method to receive what the Iranian leadership reasons are justly owed reparations. Many in Iran blame Iraq … Continue reading

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