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Wikileak cables from the "Egoistic Psyche" of Persia to the "Arab Street"

OK. It’s time for another modest addition to the fun new academic game of “making sense of Cablegate,” Wikileaks’ release of the first set of thousands of leaked US foreign service documents. But before I get to my point, a … Continue reading

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Egyptian Parliamentary Elections: Political Vacuum and Predictable Outcomes

Every time I decide to go and vote in Egyptian parliamentary elections, I face the same dilemma: there is nobody I want to vote for! Either  vote for the National Democratic Party (NDP) candidate, who usually has no clear agenda, … Continue reading

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The UAE and Carbon Emissions

A recent carbon report issued by the British consultancy group Maplecroft, indicated that the UAE dominated the global ranking of top per capita carbon emitters. The list, which studied the carbon emissions of 183 countries, noted that the UAE was … Continue reading

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An Arab "Third Way?"

Last spring I participated in the kick-off workshop for an important new initiative on Arab governance at Stanford University.  Typical of the event’s tone on the subject was a downbeat concluding presentation by Egypt’s well-known  scholar and rights activist Sa’ad … Continue reading

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