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The Persian Gulf: A Name that Triggers National Pride

Mehrangiz Kar Recently it was revealed that the US Navy referred to the Persian Gulf as the “Arabian Gulf” in its correspondences with Arab allies. In spite of historic disputes over the choice of wording (Persian vs. Arab) for this … Continue reading

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Goodbye to energy subsidies, hello to price controls?

On what he called “the historic economic night,” President Ahmadinejad appeared on Iranian television to announce the imminent launch of the subsidy reform law, starting with energy prices at midnight (see below for new prices). He produced an impressive array … Continue reading

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The Changing Dynamics of the U.S. – Arab Regimes Relations: Readings from Wikileaks

The recent Wikileaks release of thousands of United States Embassy cables, though not as shocking as expected, has revealed part of the mysterious relationship between American administrations and Middle Eastern authoritarian regimes. The leaks challenge many of the commonly held … Continue reading

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