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The Baradei Effect

By: Ayman Ismail As the grass root campaign to nominate El-Baradei in the 2011 Egyptian presidential elections grows, and along with it the speculation whether this could happen or not, it is important to recognize three significant contributions that he … Continue reading

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On the Palestine Papers

With the final release this week by Al Jazeera of more than 1,600 documents spanning nearly a decade of negotiations between the PLO and Israel, the backlash within Palestine is now starting to be felt. The Al Jazeera leak was … Continue reading

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When the People Rise Up: Egypt's Massive Protests and Their Unpredictable Outcomes

Until last month, a typical protest in Egypt was really easy to portray. It usually featured a few hundred people standing in one of the known protest spots in Cairo downtown surrounded by a few thousand security officers. After an … Continue reading

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When the People Rise Up: Lessons from Tunisia

A few weeks ago it was hard to imagine that Tunisia would experience this massive uprising. Compared to other countries in the region, Tunisia is relatively well off, socially and economically. It has a broad, well-educated middle-class and ranks well … Continue reading

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Tunisia's Wikileaks Revolution?

Events in Tunisia are moving very quickly, so that nothing I or anyone else says to contextualize events is likely to have a lot of long-term currency. Yet, as someone who has followed this government for a while, and came … Continue reading

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Hindering and Undermining

Every week, it seems, I hear a constant refrain: “(fill in the blank with Israel’s illegal actions) is (destroying/undermining/hindering) the peace process.” Though I scour the news every day, I’ve started to believe that maybe I was missing something. Is … Continue reading

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Observant US Muslims more politically active: survey By: Sharmila Devi NEW YORK // Karam Dana, a Palestinian-born academic who has produced ground-breaking research on the political identity of Muslim Americans, often gets angry when he watches the US media. “The media portrays Muslims and their places … Continue reading

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Fear of Iran Captured in WikiLeaks Documents

What becomes interesting in the WikiLeaks debates is that Arab authorities have chosen to privately communicate their fear of Iran with the US while publicly behaving otherwise. As follows, taking a close look at the current Wikileaks debates a number of important questions come to mind: Why have Arab authorities expressed their concerns about the nuclear capabilities of Iran through private correspondence with the US? Why are they still refraining from making public statements in regards to WikiLeaks documents? It is, indeed, essential to refer to socio-political analysis in seeking responses for the aforementioned question. Continue reading

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The Persian Gulf: A Name that Triggers National Pride

Mehrangiz Kar Recently it was revealed that the US Navy referred to the Persian Gulf as the “Arabian Gulf” in its correspondences with Arab allies. In spite of historic disputes over the choice of wording (Persian vs. Arab) for this … Continue reading

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Goodbye to energy subsidies, hello to price controls?

On what he called “the historic economic night,” President Ahmadinejad appeared on Iranian television to announce the imminent launch of the subsidy reform law, starting with energy prices at midnight (see below for new prices). He produced an impressive array … Continue reading

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